Our Vision


Emerson defined the “age of revolution” by its rich possibilities. We agree that any great change in affairs ushers in broad opportunity for invention. Unique problems demand creative solutions. The dynamism of our moment urges us toward them.


Whether virtual events like lectures and webinars, or spoken word and musical performances, we believe in the power of ongoing conversations. Our quarterly publication, Symposeum, also features a collaborative and rigorous editorial process.


We take the hard work of cultivation seriously. We envision a digital commons where members are regularly engaging across a variety of mediums. We are here to learn and teach, challenge and encourage, debate and exchange.

First Principles


We consult

dynamic interpretations of history—not dust-choked volumes—to inform our understanding of the present and recalibrate our conceptions of the future.

We reject

that merit may be found in nostalgic aspirations to Normalcy.

We embrace

the daunting work of re-imagining the structures, systems, and orientations that underpin our values like justice, freedom, and equality.

We retire

repetition and broadly accepted modes of thinking. Instead, we elect original lenses and under-explored angles.

We intend

to register the currents of our time through gathering diverse insights into conversation, more attentive to the out-of-favor or traditionally ignored voices than the pens of practiced writers.

We seek

to examine the nature of our responsibility, envision institutions that reflect it, and earnestly build the trust that precedes courageous, integrated movement.

Community-building is hard work. It’s also the work of hope when hard-pressed.